A Conversation with a Fish

It is official, we are having a White Christmas!  A new, crisp blanket of white fell with the promise of more to come.  The world looks gloriously pure from my window.   It is like a blank page eagerly waiting for a story. We now also have ‘hard water.’  The miracle of these huge lakes freezing over leaves me in awe every year.

You may think I am crazy for living in places that get as cold as the East Coast and Minnesota do, but I do love winter.  It is quite an adventure on so many levels.  Even though we had a spectacular blizzard last month, winter temps didn’t really hit until a few days ago.  Yesterday morning was extra special with temperatures reaching… down to -23.  And that is before the wind chill factor!  Those of you living in warmer climes, try not to turn green with envy.

icecoveredI suspect I am where I was meant to be.  I say that with with a grin because being a Southern California girl one does not really expect to be living in a place where there are little houses sitting on frozen bodies of water in the winter months with  people drilling holes in the ice to go fishing.   Ice in California?  We hardly ever even got rain!  As I contemplate that I remember my very first job and the very first thing I bought with my very first paycheck.  Would you believe I bought a beautiful forest green cashmere wool coat!  (Insert laughter here).  I mean, who needs a heavy wool coat in Southern California?!

So here I am in December in Minnesota wearing a cuddly red coat (not the green one that died of loneliness so many years ago).  I’m standing at the lake’s frozen edge to check out the ice and have a chat with our huge cottonwood tree.  By the way, her name is Angelica.  Angelica sits right at the shoreline where bald eagles perch on her top branches to spot prey on both land and water.  I love watching them do their majestic eagle thing; it is such an awe inspiring sight.

I could see all those  miracles in comfort from inside our toasty house, but I wanted to view everything from a different perspective.  I stand there imagining all the fish swimming around under the ice thinking how stressful their lives must be.  I say to myself, “They search for food non-stop while trying to avoid predators.  I say outloud, “you poor wretched creatures, stuck in a world of conflict.  “Your days are filled with fighting for survival and the constant scrambling to avoid being prey to those that are bigger and stronger than you.”  I am feeling very gratified I am not a fish.

girl-talking-fish-clipart-1Suddenly my imagination takes its usual turn into a flight of fancy and in my mind’s eye I see a fish suddenly break through the ice and it begin talking to me.  Mr. Fish says, “You poor wretched creatures, stuck in a world of conflict.  Your days are filled with fighting for survival and the constant scrambling to avoid being prey to those that are bigger and stronger than you.”  “I am feeling very  gratified I am not a human.”

I that moment, I saw my world from a totally different perspective, courtesy of an invisible fish.

“Dare to turn life on its end and you may find that turvy-topsy is a truer perspective than topsy-turvy” ~ Robert Brault

The moment one gives close attention to anything, even a blade of grass it becomes a mysterious, awesome, indescribably magnificent world in itself” ~ Henry Miller





About thesoulspeaksinimages

I love art and music, I cherish nature, and am awed by dreams. I learned all of these were special from my mom. It was she who first taught me to listen and appreciate these Divine gifts. After reinventing myself a few times, from hair stylist to clothing designer, then to film and stage makeup artist, I realized they all had a common denominator. They all spoke the universal language of images. That is when I joined the "Dream Team" and began a 2 year certification program at the Haden Institute for the Study of Dreams, followed by another certification program at the Marin Institute for Protective Dream Work. I initially established my business, DreamWork Wellness LLC, in the Washington DC Metro Area where I practiced for several years. After graduating, I served on the faculty for the Haden Institute Summer Dream Conference for several years. My practice is now located in the Brainerd Lakes Area of beautiful Minnesota.
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1 Response to A Conversation with a Fish

  1. Thank you for reminding me how beautifully simple it can be to have a different perspective when I purposefully use my imagination!


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