The Soul Speaks in Images

I miss my mom.  I always loved watching her do interesting things; things my friends’ moms didn’t do.  I thought she was magic.  I still do.

One of my favorite memories was when I was 5.  We were walking in the woods and she stopped and looked around until she spotted a tree.   Well, I thought it was a tree.  To her it was a friend.  I watched her as she gently stretched her arms as far as she could around its massive trunk, leaned her head against it, and  closed her eyes.  A second or 2 later she pulled me in to hug it with her and so I did.   After about a minute I asked, “how long do we hug it?”  and she said, “until you feel her hug you back.”  That image of us, of her, lives in my heart and soul.  It will be there until the day I join her.

I realized many, many years later what I did not know then.   I learned that when I listened to the tree that day, I understood that I was listening to God.  My mom taught me Soul Talk.  How lucky am I!

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Soul Talk with Marty

Our world is an infinite art gallery with the power touch us deeply.   For me the mystical, magical, marvelous realm of dreams is a part of that gallery as are nature, art, music and even the unique imagery of Tarot cards to name just a few.

To this day I still remember the first “big” dream I had.  I was 7.  Add a zero to the 7 and that is me now.  It just struck me as I sit here typing that my childhood dream has come full circle.  I realize it is time to work with it again; to find out what it wants from me today.

Although I have been working with dreams professionally for many years, this is my first blog.   With awesome synchronicity, my dreaming soul has chosen this particular time in my life to urge me to share in this particular way.  God works in mysterious ways indeed.



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