Being ‘Normal’

normal“My darling girl, when are you going to realize that being normal is not necessarily a virtue?  It rather denotes a lack of courage.”

I wish I had seen this when I was 10.  Although, the odds are that being a child I would not have “gotten it” anyway.   The understanding of that kind of wisdom comes only with time and experience.

What is normal?  I have absolutely no idea.  I have never been normal, at least that is what some of my classmates said all through school.  Actually, the word many used was weird.  It was true, I was different and I knew it.  I also understood why I was different even if they did not.  I came from a family that was different, at least by their standards.   I knew that my ‘different-ness’ was my normal.  Nevertheless, the teasing was hurtful.

disneylandIt wasn’t until much later that I realized what a compliment it truly was. The realization started the summer between my junior and senior years in high school.  We lived in Southern California, so when I got my driver’s license I started  going to the beach by myself. I loved that alone time.   On the way home from the beach I’d stop in at Disneyland, get an ice cream cone, sit on  a bench on Main Street, and people watch.  It was wonderful. There were people from all over the world, sometimes in their colorful native dress.  I so enjoyed watching that human musical parade.

Actually, the image I’d get in my mind while watching was a piece of  music with everyone 1890being different notes.  Some were ‘sharp’ notes,  a bit noticeable and discordant, and some were flat – those shy ones that let the pushy notes move to the front.  Then there were the ‘Tardo’ people that meandered from attraction to attraction in what seemed like slow motion.  It never failed that the Tardos would be in front of the allegros, who were always rushing here and there at full speed, desperately trying to get around them.  that always made me smile as I’d imagine symbols crashing at the crescendo.

We are all a specific note, and blessedly, a unique one.  The Infinite Universal pages of ‘sheet music’ need each one of us for the music to be complete.   For my part in this Divine composition I must play my individual note and harmonize while staying true to myself.

I am my own note, my own special brand of normal,  as are you bar-line

“Be yourself, everyone else is already taken” – Oscar Wilde

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More Tarot Talk

In my last post I talked a little about the “aha”! I got so many years ago after seeing Tarot cards in a totally different light than the gypsy fortune-teller image most people have.

Do you remember how I dug my cards out of storage  after I first made the connection between the painting in the Smithsonian, my dream, and that one card I told you aboutqueen-of-cups-cropped?

Since my perspective on Tarot cards had changed significantly after that experience I decided to try again.  So I got a permanent marker and blacked out every single word on each card and boxed up the books.  I began by pulling one card and would just sit quietly looking at it and let my imagination fly.

What was the story in the card?  What was happening; what was the mood?  I studied the main character in the card and wondered, “what is he/she thinking?  The most important question I asked myself was, how did it make me feel?  I found an even more important question was, why?  Where had I felt like that before?  I began making associations to choices and decisions I had made in my life and saw how how they influenced those I was making now.  With fresh insights I could see things from a different perspective.   By combining my imagination and emotions/feelings, I soon realized I was literally exercising and strengthening my intuition.  I think intuition is the strongest ‘muscle’ we have even though it is invisible.

I started doing the same thing with art, music, with everything that got my attention for some unexplained reason or another.  I realized the Universe, God, Spirit; whatever you call the Higher Power that surrounds us all, was whispering to me as it does to everyone.  All we have to do is listen.

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Tarot Talk

The first time I had a Tarot reading I was fascinated and, I admit, a bit scared. After all, the religion I grew up with said Tarot cards were the work of the devil.  As many of you know, a lot of religions say the same thing.  Oh My!

Being me I had to see what all the fuss was about, so I began learning all I could about them.  The first thing I found out is there are Tarot readers and then there are Tarot readers.  Profound, right?  There are the ones who say they can tell the future and use the cards for “fortune telling,”   then there are the readers that used the cards in a much more meaningful way.  Those were the ones that got my attention.  That’s what I wanted to do.  But how?

Next I learned what the cards “meant.”   Later I remember thinking, “there has got to be more to this than what the books say.”  A bit disillusioned, I put the cards away.  A couple of years later I came across a painting in the Smithsonian.  I loved the painting yet it made me so sad.  Later I realized the painting resembled one of the cards in my Tarot deck, so I dug the deck out of storage and found the card.  As I sat there looking at it  I realized it made me feel the same way the painting had; it also made me think of a dream I had a while back.   They were all connected!  (Insert light bulb over head here).

They all were speaking to my soul, all I had to do was realize that and start to listen to the whispering of the universe so I could ‘get the message.’


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The Soul Speaks in Images

I miss my mom.  I always loved watching her do interesting things; things my friends’ moms didn’t do.  I thought she was magic.  I still do.

One of my favorite memories was when I was 5.  We were walking in the woods and she stopped and looked around until she spotted a tree.   Well, I thought it was a tree.  To her it was a friend.  I watched her as she gently stretched her arms as far as she could around its massive trunk, leaned her head against it, and  closed her eyes.  A second or 2 later she pulled me in to hug it with her and so I did.   After about a minute I asked, “how long do we hug it?”  and she said, “until you feel her hug you back.”  That image of us, of her, lives in my heart and soul.  It will be there until the day I join her.

I realized many, many years later what I did not know then.   I learned that when I listened to the tree that day, I understood that I was listening to God.  My mom taught me Soul Talk.  How lucky am I!

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Soul Talk with Marty

Our world is an infinite art gallery with the power touch us deeply.   For me the mystical, magical, marvelous realm of dreams is a part of that gallery as are nature, art, music and even the unique imagery of Tarot cards to name just a few.

To this day I still remember the first “big” dream I had.  I was 7.  Add a zero to the 7 and that is me now.  It just struck me as I sit here typing that my childhood dream has come full circle.  I realize it is time to work with it again; to find out what it wants from me today.

Although I have been working with dreams professionally for many years, this is my first blog.   With awesome synchronicity, my dreaming soul has chosen this particular time in my life to urge me to share in this particular way.  God works in mysterious ways indeed.



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