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The Soul Speaks in Images

I miss my mom.  I always loved watching her do interesting things; things my friends’ moms didn’t do.  I thought she was magic.  I still do. One of my favorite memories was when I was 5.  We were walking in … Continue reading

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Soul Talk with Marty

Our world is an infinite art gallery with the power touch our innermost being. Dreams are a huge part of that gallery as is nature.s abundance.

To this day I remember the first “big” dream I had. I was 7. Add a zero to the 7 and that is me now. It just struck me as I sit here typing that my childhood dream has come full circle. I know that it is time to work with it again.

I’ve not done a blog before so I feeling that my dreaming soul has chosen this time to urge me to share is this way. Continue reading

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