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I love art and music, I cherish nature, and am awed by dreams. I learned all of these were special from my mom. It was she who first taught me to listen and appreciate these Divine gifts. After reinventing myself a few times, from hair stylist to clothing designer, then to film and stage makeup artist, I realized they all had a common denominator. They all spoke the universal language of images. That is when I joined the "Dream Team" and began a 2 year certification program at the Haden Institute for the Study of Dreams, followed by another certification program at the Marin Institute for Protective Dream Work. I initially established my business, DreamWork Wellness LLC, in the Washington DC Metro Area where I practiced for several years. After graduating, I served on the faculty for the Haden Institute Summer Dream Conference for several years. My practice is now located in the Brainerd Lakes Area of beautiful Minnesota.

The Soul Speaks in Images

I miss my mom.  I always loved watching her do interesting things; things my friends’ moms didn’t do.  I thought she was magic.  I still do. One of my favorite memories was when I was 5.  We were walking in … Continue reading

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Soul Talk with Marty

Our world is an infinite art gallery with the power touch our innermost being. Dreams are a huge part of that gallery as is nature.s abundance.

To this day I remember the first “big” dream I had. I was 7. Add a zero to the 7 and that is me now. It just struck me as I sit here typing that my childhood dream has come full circle. I know that it is time to work with it again.

I’ve not done a blog before so I feeling that my dreaming soul has chosen this time to urge me to share is this way. Continue reading

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