Tarot Talk

The first time I had a Tarot reading I was fascinated and, I admit, a bit scared. After all, the religion I grew up with said Tarot cards were the work of the devil.  As many of you know, a lot of religions say the same thing.  Oh My!

Being me I had to see what all the fuss was about, so I began learning all I could about them.  The first thing I found out is there are Tarot readers and then there are Tarot readers.  Profound, right?  There are the ones who say they can tell the future and use the cards for “fortune telling,”   then there are the readers that used the cards in a much more meaningful way.  Those were the ones that got my attention.  That’s what I wanted to do.  But how?

Next I learned what the cards “meant.”   Later I remember thinking, “there has got to be more to this than what the books say.”  A bit disillusioned, I put the cards away.  A couple of years later I came across a painting in the Smithsonian.  I loved the painting yet it made me so sad.  Later I realized the painting resembled one of the cards in my Tarot deck, so I dug the deck out of storage and found the card.  As I sat there looking at it  I realized it made me feel the same way the painting had; it also made me think of a dream I had a while back.   They were all connected!  (Insert light bulb over head here).

They all were speaking to my soul, all I had to do was realize that and start to listen to the whispering of the universe so I could ‘get the message.’



About thesoulspeaksinimages

I love art and music, I cherish nature, and am awed by dreams. I learned all of these were special from my mom. It was she who first taught me to listen and appreciate these Divine gifts. After reinventing myself a few times, from hair stylist to clothing designer, then to film and stage makeup artist, I realized they all had a common denominator. They all spoke the universal language of images. That is when I joined the "Dream Team" and began a 2 year certification program at the Haden Institute for the Study of Dreams, followed by another certification program at the Marin Institute for Protective Dream Work. I initially established my business, DreamWork Wellness LLC, in the Washington DC Metro Area where I practiced for several years. After graduating, I served on the faculty for the Haden Institute Summer Dream Conference for several years. My practice is now located in the Brainerd Lakes Area of beautiful Minnesota.
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